About us

BioClonal stands as a pioneering biotechnology enterprise wholly committed to the realm of In Vivo Rational Antibody Discovery. Our core mission revolves around the development of monoclonal antibodies tailored for advanced applications in human therapy, all made possible through our groundbreaking in vivo technology platform known as RedMabs.

Our unwavering commitment is to foster a collaborative ecosystem wherein the collective synergy of knowledge and innovation flourishes. Together, we aspire to revolutionize pharmaceuticals, advancing the frontiers of medicine to enhance the quality of life for individuals across the globe.

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Awards & Certificates

IDEA prize

IDEA Proyecto 2022


Arame Prize

Arame a la Creatividad Innovadora 2023


RSA certificate

RSA 2024


CEO words

"We created BioClonal with a firm commitment to scientific advancement and progress. We want to share all our knowledge and experience that has resulted in our technological platform and through technology we get involved in the ecosystem to obtain therapeutic antibodies that can reach the patient. But we cannot and will not do it alone. We want to add value and we are sure that together we will go further."

Paula Garfella, CEO BioClonal

Paula Garfella, CEO BioClonal

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

BioClonal places special emphasis on animal welfare. Consequently, the use of animals for experimental purposes is minimized as much as it is possible.

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