AseBio & Arahealth

2023 Oct 11
Since April 2023, BioClonal belongs to the Spanish Association of Biotechnology Companies. An entity that allows us to be informed of all the biotechnology developments in Spain as well as to participate in numerous activities that give us visibility as a company and help us to expand our network of contacts. Thanks to AseBio, BioClonal has been present at numerous fairs such as BIO-EUROPE SPRING, the most important European event of the biotechnology industry and the second in the world, held in Barcelona.

In addition, in October 2023, we also joined the Aragon Health Cluster, Arahealth. Another great opportunity that we did not want to miss in order to make ourselves known within our community and collaborate first-hand with Aragonese companies. Aragon has a lot of biotechnological potential that we can all support and promote together.

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